Information About Breast Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Vincent Touhy has spent the past 11 years working on a breast cancer vaccine that would both prevent the disease and keep it from recurring has secured enough funding to move the drug to clinical trials.

Dr. Touhy is an immunologist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute and will head up the company, called Shield Biotech, as its chief science officer. Shield Biotech, so named because the vaccine it is developing will act as a defense against breast cancer, is a spinoff-company created by Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the commercialization arm of the hospital system.

More EXCITING UPDATES for the Breast Cancer Vaccine in 2013

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“Someday I would like to meet all these shop owners and thank them personally for all this effort. I feel very fortunate that my work is supported by so many. Nancy Johnson interviewed me Wednesday for the local Gazette and asked me how I felt about the Brakes for Breasts program. I told her that I feel as if my community and neighbors are nourishing me. I never heard of any scientist who was embraced like this by so many people. This is so very special. I don’t know what to say anymore.”

Vincent K. Tuohy, Ph.D.
Mort and Iris November Distinguished Chair in Innovative Breast Cancer Research Staff, Department of Immunology, Cleveland Clinic, Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Lerner College of Medicine