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Best 5 Reliable Charities to Donate To

When selecting charities to donate to, it’s essential that your donation make the best use possible of its contributions. As some top-rated ones may share similar names to low-rated ones, be sure to visit each group’s website and view financial documents or any other pertinent details before deciding.

Save the Children: This NGO operates in Gaza and earned a 97% rating on Charity Navigator; make your donation here.

1. World Food Programme USA

The World Food Programme USA works within the US to generate support for the United Nations World Food Programmeme to combat global hunger by raising funds and shaping policy decisions in this regard.

This non-profit is an esteemed institution that helps those experiencing hunger, poverty, and malnutrition. …

The Worst Charities to Donate To

If you want to avoid giving to bad charities, there are a few organisations that are on the list of the worst. Kids Wish Network is at the top of the list. Similar to the Make A Wish Foundation, the organization offers wishes for children in need. Other bad charities on the list include Children’s Wish Foundation International and Wishing Well Foundation. If you want to donate to a charity that helps kids, make sure to read our full article on charities before you give.

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Oxfam or Salvation Army are the best charities to donate to

The Salvation Army and Oxfam are non-profit organizations that rely on public donations to provide relief to the homeless and underprivileged. These organisations have …


Organising a Sponsored Walk

A sponsored walk, walking marathon or sponsored run is a special type of event or community fundraiser where participants raise money for fundraising or raising money for a specific cause. Walkmarathons, for example, are very popular events that have been featured on numerous television shows and in a large number of magazines. When you participate in this type of fundraising event, your personal support system grows and gives you the inspiration to do something wonderful for the community. The goal is to raise as much money as possible. A lot of times, walkmarathons are sponsored by other community and corporate events.

One of the benefits of sponsoring a walk marathon is that the proceeds are often tax deductible. As with …


How To Do A Charity Fundraiser

If you are going to be running a charity fundraiser, it is vital that you get the word out about what the purpose of the fundraiser is and why it will be taking place. By doing this, you are giving people the opportunity to come out and help out those who need it the most and not just in one area, but for all areas of your charity or cause.

You should also make sure that you tell your people who will be coming to the event where the fundraiser is going to take place and where they need to go. This way, they can plan how long they will stay at the venue or where they are going to …

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Web Design Edinburgh Charities Want

For a charity such as ourselves, it can be tricky to find an agency that can make them a website within their budget. It is no secret that web design agencies are not cheap, and building a whole website can cost a lot of money. Web design Edinburgh charities want tend to be more freelance due to the fact that they are alot cheaper. We want to outline some of the things that can help charities get a great website for a price that wont break the bank.

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Web Design Edinburgh Companies

Web development is a service provided to help create a website for any organization to promote and market their cause. A company or individual can develop a website …

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Tackling Mental Health: Mental Health Charities in Glasgow

Mental health charities in Glasgow are putting in many hours of community support each and every week. One charity called The Glasgow Association for Mental Health works with different agencies through Scotland and provide many options of help and support for those who are suffering from mental health. This charity offers help every day in the mornings and evenings and has groups to be part of where positive behaviours are highlighted. These groups encourage people to be active and take part in activities to help develop interests and skills as well as set goals and outcomes you wish to achieve.


Types of mental health and who can help

There are many different types of mental health disorders that people …

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How Action for Children is Forcing the Public to Really Wake Up

Youngsters across the UK do not have a healthy environment to go to or a decent meal on the table at the end of the day. The facts regarding abuse and neglect when it comes to youngsters is appalling with 58,000 children in the UK needing protection from abuse according to a study conducted in 2017.

Action for Children

Action for Children began with the Methodist minister Thomas Stephenson discovering the terrible lives some youngsters were living right below Waterloo station. His first step was to listen to them and everything that goes on in their lives to truly understand where they are coming from. His philosophy was that every child needs to be treated differently because they all have …