Community Health And What We Can Do To Improve It

Community Health

There is a push at the moment for people to start caring more about their communities. As we find out that more and more of the older generation suffering from depression and loneliness, and the mental health of the younger generation is suffering, we need to do something about. Forming a strong and healthy support network can help. We have decided to look at community health and what can be done to improve it. These are small steps that can really help in some of your neighbours’ lives. They will overall make your local community happy and healthy.

Read on and find out about community health and what we can do to improve it.

What is community health?

Community health is actually a scientific term which is used in the fields of medicine and clinical sciences. It focuses on the improvement, protection and maintenance of the general health of a certain population group. The World Health Organisation says that this can be impacted by environmental, social, and economic factors. When treated with care, community health motives can improve a community’s overall emotional and physical well-being.

Community Health

How can we improve community health?

There are many simple ways that you can help to improve the well-being of members of your local community. Here are some of the ones we think make a great impact.

Help Local Food Banks

Nowadays, the economy is failing a relatively large portion of our local communities. One way you can help the vulnerable in our society is by donating food, or money, to your local food bank. Better yet, if you have some free time then why not volunteer for them? They may need people to transport food to people who cannot travel or pick up food from donators who cannot travel. Talk to your local food bank and see how you can help.

Improve Your Daily Commute

Another way you can improve the health of the community is to reduce the environmental impact of your daily commute. If you are driving to work alone then find out if you can carpool with someone. Or if you’d rather take public transport that’s fine too. Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If you feel strongly about this, then why not campaign for better public transport services or better cycle lanes within your community.

Community Health

Reach Out To The Elderly In The Community

The elderly in our community can become very lonely, especially if they are widowed or are of reduced mobility. If you can, try and visit the elderly in your community, or even organise events that they can all be picked up and can join in. Sometimes a chat and some time spent looking after them can do this generation the world of good.