Dr Gayle Hann Voted Best A&E Doctor in London Community

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A paediatrician in London has been voted the best A&E doctor after her endless work with victims of gang violence and children who have suffered injuries.

Working at North Middlesex Hospital, Dr Gayle Hann has spearheaded the drive to help young children coming into the hospital for treatment. Suffering brutal gang fights and kids coming in that have been in foster care need to be given more than just a patch up. They also need to be given a brighter future and Dr Hann’s final aim is to make sure they are not back in the hospital again. The hospital treats 50 or more knife attacks on teenagers and children that come from unsafe environments. Some of these knife attacks will happen in quick succession if they are linked to each other which lead to Gayle and her team treating up to 6 attacks a week. The attacks also tend to move from bad to worse with a lot of patients coming in with life-threatening injuries the second time around.

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The difference in North Middlesex hospital is they refuse to just stitch the child up and consider their job done. Gayle has made it part of her job to find answers for these children by trying to speak to them as well. A lot of the kids coming in are coming from broken families with drug problems or have struggled with sexual abuse, mental health issues and other problems.

Gayle has also been the force behind adding two workers from the charity centre Oasis to the A&E team to give young adults and children the option to talk to someone before they leave the hospital. She has also been the leader behind plenty of other initiatives and is passionate about the community that surrounds her.

With tons of children being found walking around homeless with nothing on them to survive, Gayle started an initiative where every kid moving into foster care will also receive a kit that has clothes, toys and essentials. This was initially paid for by employees and Gayle herself but has now become more stabilised and has even more funding.

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At the moment, after being nominated by Labour MP Ms West she has won the London regional award for urgent and emergency care and is said to be competing for the national place in a week’s time. Catherine West believes that Gayle and her team deserve the recognition they are finally receiving with Gayle making a mark on the sector of emergency care since the nineties when she was the lead doctor of an orphanage in Romania.