Local Emergency Dentist Glasgow Warns Community About Their Diet

Emergency Dentist Glasgow

You may not realise it, but there are some foods that could put you in need of an emergency dentist Glasgow. From food that gets stuck in your teeth to food that is hard enough to crack them, there are many ways you can damage your teeth. These count as dental emergencies. An emergency dentist Glasgow within your community may see these kinds of problems every day. Our friends from The Berkeley Clinic have pointed them out so that you can be more careful when consuming these foods.

Read on and find out what these four foods could do to your teeth.


Popcorn’s danger for your teeth is twofold. It may be delicious and addictive, but it can really damage your teeth. First of all, the husk edges of popcorns can become wedged between your tooth and your gum. This can often result in a painful abscess that needs urgent treatment. On top of that, biting the kernel can actually cause cracks and breakages. Chew slowly and floss after eating popcorn. This way you will ensure you have protected your teeth.

Emergency Dentist Glasgow


Tasty, and advocated as a truly tasty nut, the almond can wreak havoc in your mouth. The hard outer can cause you to fracture or crack your teeth. In order to prevent damage, try pre-sliced almond instead. This will be softer and cause less damage.


These sweets can range from rock solid to chewy. Both types can do damage. As we have already learned, harder foods can easily cause fractures and cracks. The chewy toffees can get stuck between your teeth and can even pull out dental work that was coming loose. This can apply to dentures, fillings, and more. Try sucking them a little before chewing to make them especially soft. O avoid them and have chocolate instead.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are one of the biggest reasons for trips to the emergency dentist Glasgow. On top of being sore for those with sensitive teeth, ice cubes are very hard on your enamel. Chewing them is the equivalent of chewing on a pebble. Not very good for your teeth!

Emergency Dentist Glasgow

If you are going to have a snack during the day, then make sure it isn’t going to crack a tooth. If you do happen to have a dental emergency, The Berkeley Clinic can help. They are reputedly one of the best in Scotland for providing emergency dental care. When looking for an emergency dentist Glasgow, you needn’t look far.