London Charity Gives Back Big to the Homeless Community

Homeless man holds up sign reading "Seeking Human Kindness" as he begs for charity in the subway station

Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a local charity based in East London, offers a wide range of different facilities to help those in need, facilities ranging from shelters, drop in’s, and supported housing in a 16 bed hostel for men recovering from addictions. They also offer work experience as many people who have went for help have recently lost their job or have been in unemployment for a long time. For over 50 years Spitalfields Crypt Trust have been offering facilities to those recovering from addiction and helping them to live a better future.

How this charity works


Between 2015 and 2016 around 8000 people were homeless in the London area and the numbers of homeless people are increasing each year.  However drop in’s offer great help to those who are homeless as their services provide basic needs for people such as hot food, drinks, toiletries, clothes, sleeping bags and advice about shelters. These are great ways to help those in need as without this kind of help the amount of homeless people would rise a lot quicker and there would be no way for them to get out of being homeless and being able to change their lives as no help would be put in place for them.

Cardboard street sign asking for used books to give to homeless charity

What impact this charity makes


Without this charity and the help from its volunteer workers as well as the help from people’s donations such as gifts and also taking part in events there would be a large number of people struggling trying to find help. This would mean many people would be living on the streets having limited access to shelter or food and drinks, making it harder for them to quit their habits leading to serious health risks and other problems which would impact how they would be living.

Homeless Man with Sign reading "Hungry" seeks charity from passersby

How the charity involves the community


This charity involves the community as they are always looking for fundraising ideas such as in the office raising money for either a dress down day where everyone could pay a small amount to wear their own clothes to work or a non-school uniform day for pupils. Even ideas such as bake sales in schools and competitions for pupils to take part in are great ways to raise money. However there are many other ways that donations could be made such as participating in other events like competitions and raffles or even simply just donating money.