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Mental Health at Work Tips

If you’re having trouble dealing with mental issues at work, there are a few tips you can try. These include developing a sense of autonomy and purpose, prioritising self-care, and developing a positive work environment. Using these tips, you can protect your mental health and the mental health of those around you. Read on for more tips. Listed below are some of the most common mental health issues at work.

Open and honest communication protects mental well-being

The benefits of open and honest communication at work extend beyond the employees’ well-being. Employees tend to be more trusting of their supervisors and co-workers if they feel they can talk about their concerns openly. Furthermore, employees are more likely to disclose their …

Divorce lawyers in Glasgow. When should I contact one?

Divorce and separation could really turn lives upside down. Mental health issues are often seen in these situations. Contact a divorce lawyer in Glasgow on time, before it goes out of hands, and it will save you a lot of energy.

The Impact Of Divorce On Our Mental Health

In divorce cases it is extremely important that the couple’s mental health is protected. Divorce by itself is an emotional journey with legal and financial consequences. The legal and financial processes are tangible; whereas the emotional journey is internal and subjective, needs an individual approach. Separation from a partner can take an emotional token even on the strongest people, there‚Äôs no insurance cover for that yet.

It is very common that …

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Benefits of Mindfulness For Cancer Patients

The benefits of mindfulness for cancer patients are endless. But what exactly is mindfulness? It is essentially a form of alternative meditation in which you intentionally focus on being intensely conscious of what you are feeling and noticing at the moment, with no judgment or interpretation. It involves deep breathing methods, meditation, and various other practices to calm the mind and lower stress. These practises are especially important for cancer patients who are have been fighting both physically and mentally and must be completely exhausted. That is why the benefits of mindfulness can be extremely helpful to patients.

benefits of mindfulness

How Can Benefits of Mindfulness Help?

The benefits of mindfulness cannot be overstated. Distractions are an unavoidable fact of life, so when …