How To Prevent STDs?

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The graph of sexually transmitted diseases is reaching its new peaks day by day. But the question that pops into everyone’s mind is how these diseases spread exponentially?

The only root cause of these troubles is unsafe sexual contact between couples. But unfortunately, while making love, the newly we couple forgets that safety is the first need.

If any of them have an STD, it can transfer it to its partner. But do you know what? The sex partner is not the only one at risk of acquiring an STD! For example, if the couple has planned to conceive a baby, there are chances of infection in the newly born.

In this post, you will find out how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, you will determine the importance of a sexual health test while diagnosing an STD.


How to Stop the Spread of STDs:

You have planned everything before having sex, but if you haven’t included the safety of yourself and your partner, then it will work. But, unfortunately, the sword of spreading disease will be hanging over your heads, and you won’t be able to find out until the symptoms worsen.

Here are the ways that can help you in maintaining your sexual health and preventing the transfer of STDs:

Use Of Condoms:

Diseases like HPV and HSV-2 transfer through skin contact. Whether it is the inner lining of the genital or outers surface, the infective organism can be present anywhere.

Suppose there are sores and blisters on the surface of the penis or vagina; these are symptoms of STD. Immediately contact the doctor in case of having any symptoms. The doctor will prescribe a sexual health test according to the signs and symptoms.

 Hence to keep your skin safe while making love is to use condoms. Condoms are the best available option to prevent the transfer of pathogens through the skin.

Both partners should use condoms for safe sex. There are condoms available for both males and females—all you need to do is choose that one that doesn’t irritate you and has lubricants. The availability of lubricants in condoms saves you from using any external oil.

You need to ensure that you discard the condom safely in a proper covering, so no one comes in contact with it.

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Avoid Using Contaminated Syringes:

STDs have more than one route of transmission. It has been observed that the second most significant reason for getting an STD after unsafe sexual contact is unhygienic activities.

Hospitals are where most infections transfer from one person to another person. Contaminated syringes are the most common factor that carries the infective agent and leads to declining sexual health status.

Blood Transfusion:

A patient seeks a blood donor in case of any major operation, injury, or anaemic condition. The heart-wrenching part is a blood transfusion from an infected person to a healthy person.

Thus, it is necessary to perform screening and find the sexual health status of the donor.


STD spread can be prevented if the public takes their sexual health seriously. Seek your doctor’s advice and go for a sexual health test to keep yourself and your surroundings safe from acquiring infection.