How Action for Children is Forcing the Public to Really Wake Up

Students funded by Action for Children sit round a library table studying

Youngsters across the UK do not have a healthy environment to go to or a decent meal on the table at the end of the day. The facts regarding abuse and neglect when it comes to youngsters is appalling with 58,000 children in the UK needing protection from abuse according to a study conducted in 2017.

Action for Children

Action for Children began with the Methodist minister Thomas Stephenson discovering the terrible lives some youngsters were living right below Waterloo station. His first step was to listen to them and everything that goes on in their lives to truly understand where they are coming from. His philosophy was that every child needs to be treated differently because they all have a different story.

Kids reading textbooks at Action for Children


Action for children makes it their final goal to give improvised children coming from abusive homes or youngsters that are orphaned a safe place to grow up as well as emotional support all up to their twenties. This helps them build a stable life for themselves and gain a level of independence without resorting to crime or substance abuse.

How You Can Help

There are thousands of ways for strangers to help the organization as well by either making a donation or actually stepping into the life of the child. In 2017, they managed to help 14,000 children in Scotland that were in need of help by partnering with government agencies and other community help groups. Action for Children also rallies for a change in policies and numerous campaigns that are directed at giving children a better environment to grow up in and laws that will exist to their advantage. After providing a safe environment to live in and an education, another component that they deem extremely important is helping the children that have come this far to achieve a way to survive on their own without struggling.

Boy studies at his desk as he is funded by Action for Children

Training and Educating Youngsters

Countless young adults in the UK suffer from a lack of qualifications and funds that limit the jobs they are suitable for. Action for children provides these people with the certifications and training they may need to land a job they can depend on and grow from. In 2017 itself, 1000 young adults in Scotland were provided with the training they needed to move forward. Changing policies and fostering are major components that are focused on which have changed the lives of thousands across the UK. Action for children fights for the rights and equality of every child across the UK so that they are given the chance to succeed.