The Worst Charities to Donate To

If you want to avoid giving to bad charities, there are a few organisations that are on the list of the worst. Kids Wish Network is at the top of the list. Similar to the Make A Wish Foundation, the organization offers wishes for children in need. Other bad charities on the list include Children’s Wish Foundation International and Wishing Well Foundation. If you want to donate to a charity that helps kids, make sure to read our full article on charities before you give.

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Oxfam or Salvation Army are the best charities to donate to

The Salvation Army and Oxfam are non-profit organizations that rely on public donations to provide relief to the homeless and underprivileged. These organisations have helped countless people, including victims of human trafficking, elderly people, and domestic violence. They provide assistance through their food, clothing, and shelter programs. Both organisations have different philosophies and objectives. The Salvation Army is evangelical in nature, while Oxfam focuses on human services.

When you make a donation to the Salvation Army, check to see if the items you are donating are in good condition. The Salvation Army accepts nearly anything, including clothing, shoes, and housewares. In addition, they will pick up your donation if it is large enough. Remember, most charitable organisations will pick up large donations, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Children’s Cancer Fund

In the US, The Children’s Cancer Fund of America is know as one the worst charities to donate to because of allegations of deception and mismanagement. The organisation has been accused of enriching its officers and executives at the expense of the sick and dying. A complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission and attorneys general in all 50 states alleges that the Cancer Fund used more than 90 percent of donated funds to pay for lavish insider benefits, such as cars, college tuition, and gym memberships. Donations meant for cancer patients were used to pay for concert tickets, Caribbean cruises, and Disney World trips.

The lawsuit also alleges that the two organisations used corporate credit cards to purchase personal items for their employees. Employees did not have to pay until a year later, effectively giving themselves interest-free loans. Many employees used the credit cards to purchase food, gas, movie tickets, jet ski rentals, and video games. They also bought items at Victoria’s Secret and Hooters.

Police Protection Fund

The Police Protective Fund was launched in 2002 and is the result of three nonprofit organisations started by David Dierks and Phil LeConte. Of those organisations, only one is still active and functioning, with the other two having collapsed due to bad fundraising practices. In the past five years, only 0.7% of funds have actually been spent on programs or the salaries of police officers. The remainder went to directors and shady lawyers.

This organisation claims to provide affordable life insurance to retired police officers. Yet the organisation solicited nearly 3 million dollars from for-profit fundraisers in 2011, and as a result, almost 80% of the money went to professional fundraisers and only nine to 14 percent went directly to retired state troopers. The executive director, Ken Howles, took an $87,000 salary from the foundation. The non-profit was also disciplined five times for misrepresenting its mission and practices.