How Fashion Shoes Are Helping People Express Their Personality

Red Fashion Shoes on a white display

Today, more and more people are suffering from depression and anxiety. There are many possible reasons for this, yet many experts tell us that social media is a root cause of many young people’s mental health issues, as well as being an aggravator for those who already suffer from mental health disorders. The world is influenced greatly by events that are shared, discussed and played out online, and with most people owning a tablet or smartphone it is next to impossible to get away from the trolling, vlogging and posting that can be extremely damaging. However, in recent years there have been various movements working towards a more inclusive, accepting and self-loving society. Finally, there are people with a large platform that are having important conversations about what it means to be a good, kind person and how to feel more comfortable in your own skin, despite what mainstream media and Instagram influencers are telling us we should look like.

Model posing in a garden wearing E&A Fashion shoes and dress

Brands Fighting for Self-Love

Women all over the world experience self-doubt, self-loathing and inherent unhappiness as they are told from a young age that there is a typical beauty that men will desire and if they don’t fall into that category then they are not attractive. Thankfully there are many people who are standing up and saying no to this systemic brainwashing and encouraging women to be proud of their individuality and natural beauty. Reinforcing these ideas are cosmetic and clothing brands whose message is to be unique, stand out from the crowd and dress however you want to. This subtle message may be overlooked by many, but it is important none the less that business like this exist and are empowering women to be confident.

Unique Garments and Fashion Shoes

E&A Fashion is a clothing store which is brand new to the UK, selling independent brands that are affordable and a little bit different from what you get on the high street. What makes E&A Fashion a great role model for other fashion brands, is that the company only sells garments that are comfortable, affordable and in most cases, will suit many shapes and sizes. The dresses, tops and fashion shoes are versatile and unique, giving women a voice to say, “I’m a little bit different from others but I am confident and proud.”

Blonde woman buying fashion shoes in fancy store

Why Standing Out Proudly is Important

Women for centuries have been encouraged to be quiet, obedient and to fit into a certain mould that men created. Today this oppression has morphed into women feeling unworthy of love and acceptance unless they have the perfect body, hair, clothes and behave a certain way. Although it is tough, if women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds stood proudly together feeling confident and happy with who they are it will only encourage more women who look like them to do the same. So, it may seem insignificant now, however, your confidence could change someone’s life.