How Remploy Is Creating And Saving Jobs In The Community

Disabilities and the people that deal with them everyday often find it hard to find their place in everyday society. There have been many advancements in terms of physical accessibility but there is still a way to go. Jobs and employment opportunities can often fail to appear for those affected by disability. This can make it unjustifiably hard to build a life.

Remploy’s Aims

Remploy aims at giving these people the help they need to find their place in an industry, factory or shop depending on their own talents and requirements. They now have over 2500 companies connected with Remploy. These companies have job vacancies for people dealing with disabilities or mental issues. They urge these companies to understand the importance of having job vacancies for staff with disabilities and even aid them when it comes to getting ready for the needs that these members of staff may have.

Remploy’s main aim is to make work environments across the UK more inclusive and for companies to have a place for every member of their office. Training centres and other services that are necessary are also part of the process when companies form a relationship with Remploy. Their company itself employs people with disabilities and 30% of the staff of Remploy comes to work each day while dealing with a disability or mental illness.

Winning Awards

The company also has numerous awards backing them. This includes the Investors In People Gold Award that recognizes companies that constantly work towards making their staff better. The companies who win focus on bettering their employees’ skills and improving people management. Furthermore, they are also a Clear Assured company. This means they are dedicated to making sure there is no bias in their recruitment process.

New Job Creation

Just recently, new jobs have been created that are taking in staff that deal with learning problems through their connection with Transport for London (TfL). The programme that has been running for years now. It helps people with learning problems to qualify themselves and apply for jobs better. The coaches help with their CV as well as preparing for interviews. David Yeboah recently completed the programme. He is now working at TfL due to receiving coaching and advice to get him started.

Building Confidence

The main aim behind Remploy is to give people across the UK the confidence and independence to get up in the morning feeling ready for the day. Only 6% of the population with a learning disability has a work to go to. Over 60% would like to have a job, therefore getting these individuals into work is a focus.