Organising a Sponsored Walk


A sponsored walk, walking marathon or sponsored run is a special type of event or community fundraiser where participants raise money for fundraising or raising money for a specific cause. Walkmarathons, for example, are very popular events that have been featured on numerous television shows and in a large number of magazines. When you participate in this type of fundraising event, your personal support system grows and gives you the inspiration to do something wonderful for the community. The goal is to raise as much money as possible. A lot of times, walkmarathons are sponsored by other community and corporate events.

One of the benefits of sponsoring a walk marathon is that the proceeds are often tax deductible. As with any fundraising activity, if you do not qualify for tax-deductible donations, there are ways to help out the organization. Many businesses offer special discounts and specials when you sponsor a walk marathon. There are also many companies that will match your donations up to the maximum amount allowed by the IRS. If you are unable to qualify for federal tax deductions, try to find other organizations who will help you with your fundraising efforts.

Walkmarathons can be both exciting and challenging. Your personal support system is critical to your success because it gives you the confidence to walk a marathon with confidence and determination. Many people will volunteer to lead these events or you may hire someone to do this for you. Either way, the success of your event is dependent upon the volunteers and sponsors you choose to work with.